Stilwell Chamber

of Commerce

        The Stilwell Chamber of Commerce can and will do many things for your business, but ensuring its growth is not one of them. Most people do not join a Chamber because they see great potential growth for their own business. They join because they see potential growth for the entire business community and the community as a whole. They join because the old adage “there is strength in numbers” is true, and can see great things happening in Stilwell as our Chamber of Commerce increases its membership. Below you will find listed several things that the Chamber can and will do for you to enhance growth for the entire business community:

What will the Stilwell Chamber of Commerce do for your business?

  • Upon joining the Chamber, welcome your business with a ribbon cutting, giving your business a small amount of free publicity in our local ​newspaper.
  • Members are listed and have the option of purchasing a personalized ad in our Chamber Directory, which is distributed in the local newspaper and mailed to all prospective residents, vacationers and visitors who request information regarding the Stilwell area.
  • Business members are listed on our official website. ( along with a link to their business website, if desired.
  • Members receive e-mails informing them of all upcoming events, projects and activities that the Chamber is sponsoring or hosting.
  • Members are given an opportunity to serve on numerous committees with the Chamber and sponsor various Chamber events, allowing for positive input on all Chamber activities and giving an opportunity to network with prospective customers.
  • The Chamber Office will recommend member businesses over non-Chamber businesses to callers or “drop-ins” in need of specialized services.
  • Above all, Stilwell Chamber of Commerce members will become a part of an organization that strives to enhance the economic vitality of Stilwell and the surrounding areas while also creating the best quality of life possible for all citizens. Members truly are investing in the future growth and prosperity of not only Stilwell, but Adair County as well.

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